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Whatever type of project you are starting, painting a room, redoing your kitchen or bathroom, or fun deco work, make us your first stop, we’ll get you what you need and the confidence to know how to get the results you want. 


We carry a large supply of Modern Masters products, from their signature Front Door paint to their metallic line and metal effects. Looking for a mind-blowing finish in your entryway? Try matte metallic stripes. Looking to age that new looking yard decoration? Get some metal effects and watch it oxidize like copper. 


Why Benjamin Moore? We hear that a lot, but the answer is straightforward, gallon for gallon you get more for your money. That is because Benjamin Moore has some of the highest percentages of solids in their products. And solids are what is left on your walls after the liquid has evaporated off. So the bargain brand may cost $5-$10 dollars less per gallon, but when you need 3 to 4 times as much, it costs you more in the end. 


If you are looking for the cream of the crop in paint for your home, we proudly stock Aura. Looking to refinish your cabinets, but worried about how it will look, fret not, we have Advance, it self-levels so you don’t see brush strokes and it dries hard like an oil based paint, but it cleans up with water. 


Have you seen Giani Granite? We carry all of their kits, including the Stainless Steel kit. With these incredible kits you can make your unattractive, builder-grade laminate countertops into granite-like masterpieces at a fraction of the cost without any sacrifice of style. The only limit is your imagination. Bring in a photo of your space we'll help you make it the room of your dreams!

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